About us

About us

The Monark brand was founded over a century ago, in 1954 the first ergometer was produced with the unique calibration. Through the years, Monark Exercise established itself as one of the leading manufacturers of ergometers for testing and training. Among our users are a wide range of Olympic medalists to rehabilitation patients.

Our expertise in developing niche products can also be found in our manufacturing of transport and specialized bicycles. The Swedish postal bike is perhaps the most famous along with our 3-wheel handicap bikes. Among our users are mail buisnesses, industries and the disabled.

Since 2009, Monark Exercise also own the distribution of Bianchi racer and MTB bikes for the Swedish market. We are responsible for marketing, sales and distribution. Bianchi is sold through a retailer network consisting of approxamatly 70 stores throughout Sweden.

Monark Exercise is a part of Cycleurope AB with Salvatore Grimaldi as owner. The group has brands like Bianchi, Crescent, DBS, Everton, Gitane, Kildemoes, Monark, Peugeot, Puch, TEC and Spectra.


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