Installation Novo mini

Installation Novo

Novo mini installation instructions for monark models 828 and LT2

Installation Monark 828

Instruction video:


Installation Monark LT2

These tools are needed to perform the upgrade

-Flat screwdriver (for the front cover)
-Torx screwdriver (to remove the cover of the chain)
-A knife or scissor
-Super glue
-Cable tie
-Calibrations weight 4kg and 2kg


1. Start to remove the old display, including the attachment and cables
a. Remove the front cover, the rear side cover and the cover for the chain.
b. Remove the cadence sensor that fits behind the inner cover of the chain (white cable). Let the sensor still be there, but remove the cable (cut it) to the sensor so it does not get stuck in the chain.
2. Cut holes in the decal (picture A) with a knife or scissor, at the 6 places where the magnets will fit.
Then attach the decal at the left side of the flying wheel. Then, super glue the magnets (picutre B). When the glue has dried, remove the decal.

3. Attach the cadence sensor at the frame by the flywheel (picture C).

4. Remove the old power supply (picture D) by removing the O-ring from the outside. Then mount the new one.

5. Mount the display holder at the handlebar and put the Novo mini display at place (picture E).

6. Connect the thick display cable to the Novo mini (picture F).
a. Connect the red/black cable to the power supply cable (power in).
b. Connect the grey/pink cable to the potentiometer cable.
c. Connect the blue/green cable to the RPM sensor cable.

7. Mount the cables with the cable ties, so that they fit good and does not hanging into the flying wheel (picture G, H & I).

InstruCtion installation Cycle constant


    1. Start by plug your Novo mini with a micro USB to your computor. The display will lighten up and you will then see the start screen.
    2. Download the map with the Zip-file and save it on your desktop.
    3. Right clich on the map and “extract all files”. Save the new map on your desktop.
    4. Open the new map (not the ZIP-map) and continue to the map “Novo mini setting v.1.0” Here it can say 32bit, but it will work on 64bit as well.
    5. Run the program “vcredist_msvc2019_x86” at the end of the map. Install this program and then restart your computor to make it work.
    6. Open the same map (as before) and start the program “NovoMiniSettings”.
    7. Choose “Connect”.
    8. Now you can activate “Inertia” and choose you “cycle constant”. Monark does not take responsibility for you test results when you have changed your cycle constant from Monark original 1.00.
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