Novo mini 7.0

Novo mini
With the new updated version of the Novo mini you are fully connected to any device and programmed to join the group, or take a sprint with immediately effect. 

Version 7 has both ANT+ and BLE that allows you to choose any Android, IOS or other devices like Apple TV for you connection. Novo mini v.7 has support for both the FE-C and FTMS protocols (Fitness Equipment Controls for ANT+ and Fitness Machine Service for BLE).

In version 7, the greatest news as a cyclist is that the Novo mini adapts to the power measurement and gives a real PEAK effect. This new setting takes into account both the acceleration of the flywheel* and the effect that the resistance generates. The result of this is a realistic cycle experience with the possibility to follow through outbreaks and to perform sprints. This allows Monark cyclists to join the digital world and being able to compete.

In version 7 there is a possibility to choose if the power output will be measured from the cranc (as a common bicycle) or at the flywheel (Monark produced watt for science purpose). This setting is called the cycle constant and can now be changed through a program that can be downloaded from the Monark website.

Novo mini is now the standard for the LT2, LC2 and 828 bike. There is also a possibility to perform an upgrade of your old Novo mini to the latest version. This option exists no matter if you do have an older version of the Novo mini, or a totaly mechanic 828 / 828 STRIP. Find more information about this under ”upgrade kit”.

*Calculations on the acceleration of the flywheel already exists on earlier Monark ergometer for anaerobic tests. These calculations has scientific support and is based on the law of Inertia where a certain torque is required to increase the rotation of the flywheel. This calculation is used e.g. at a sprint to further increase the rotation of the flywheel. Therefore, the effect will be higher as more energy is required to create an increased acceleration of the flywheel.

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